Retire & Reinstate

The student body president Jonathan Cribb, alongside the male and female society presidents, is pleased to announce a return to Delta Kappa Eagles and Sigma Chi Panthers.

During the recent Student Leadership Summit in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the student leaders represented by Jonathan Cribb, Erin Harris, and Sofia De Los Santos respectfully presented a proposal to the college administration. Their proposal entailed retiring the Omega Rho Beta Society and the Theta Phi Alpha Society to return to the long-standing Delta Kappa Eagles Society and the Sigma Chi Panthers Society.

Seeing that twenty-six years of alumni proudly identify themselves as either a Sigma or Delta, we would like to return to that long-standing tradition,” said Jonathan Cribb. Erin Harris continued, “Most of us have experienced Southeastern alumni who feel disenfranchised from the current societies, and for some, that disenfranchisement may extend to the college itself. We want to bring us all together as an entire Southeastern family.” Sofia De Los Santos went on to explain “Understanding that the current societies are young, if the retirement of Omega/Theta and the return to Delta/Sigma is done now, there will be less than ten alumni and students who will not have rushed Delta or Sigma. We want to extend an invitation to those alumni to unite with either the Delta Kappa Eagles or the Sigma Chi Panthers with full rights and privileges.”

Upon consideration, the college administration approved the study body proposal and is pleased to announce that Rush Night 2020 is on Friday, September 4, 2020. Former Southeastern alumni are encouraged to attend Rush Night and cheer for your respective society. If you are one of the handful of alumni who did not get an opportunity to rush Delta or Sigma, please contact Ms. Gaynor in the front office and choose which society you would like to unite.

You are invited to show your support for your society by sending in a donation to help fund your society’s re-establishment. The society presidents certainly welcome your support.