Tuition and Cost

Here at Southeastern we are committed to providing an affordable and quality education to all of our students in their respective fields. For many schools the price of tuition, room and board, and other fees can prevent someone from coming, but we don’t want that to be the case here. Through alumni, churches, and individual donors all throughout the country we are able to keep our rates at Southeastern as low as possible. To be up front, because of the support of others our students only have to pay half of what would actually be our rates! 

Below you will see the expected cost for the 2022 Fall Semester

An Affordable Education

As a college we work diligently to be good stewards of the money that God has provided us with. That money goes into a multitude of areas, but it specifically goes into reducing our tuition rate. We do this to make our college more affordable for the students who God calls here. We do not exist to accumulate money to put in the bank, but rather to produce laborers and servants of the local church. We are thankful that God has allowed us to be one of the most affordable Christian colleges in the nation, but also one of the most effective with each student receiving an excellent education! 

Southeastern’s Tuition vs. Other Christian Colleges

  • $4,895 24% 24%
  • $13,877 67% 67%

Southeastern’s Room and Board vs. Other Christian Colleges

  • $2,455 22% 22%
  • $11,490 75% 75%

Southeastern’s Semester Total vs. Other Christian Colleges

  • $7,982 35% 35%
  • $25,367 83% 83%

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Daniel Osborne, who serves as our business manager here at the college.