Campus Life


Societies are an important part of our campus life here at Southeastern. It allows our students to compete in a multitude of areas, whether it is athletics or academics. Each freshman will participate in Rush Night, where they have a choice between the Sigma Chi Panthers and the Delta Kappa Eagles!

Society Football Championship Game 


Our students look forward to a variety of on-campus and off-campus that the college plans every year. Whether it is a massive waterslide, the North Carolina State Fair, a bonfire, or a trip to an amusement park, there is always something exciting going on at Southeastern.

Missions Retreat

Our annual mission’s retreat is an event our students always look forward to. It is an excellent time to step away from the campus for a few days, relax, build bonds with one another, but also hear the word of God preached and be challenged to do more on the mission field! 

Student Government

As a college, we understand it is important for our students to have a voice and inform our leadership of suggestions and changes that they believe would be beneficial for everyone. With that belief in mind, we established a student government in 2015 that has been beneficial to our college and provided valuable input from our student’s perspective. They are the respective leaders among their classes, but also help us lead the college. 


At Southeastern, we want to allow our students to scratch their competitive itch in the form of intramurals. Each society will face off in a myriad of athletic events ranging from basketball, volleyball, football, and softball. We even get the occasional ultimate frisbee game in there as well. These are events all our students look forward to, and it makes for an electricenvironment for those on the field and in the stands.