Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from President Ange, President-Elect Jeff Jones, and all of us at Southeastern Free Will Baptist College!

The celebration of the birth of Christ gives us all the remembrance of the hope that Christ gave us with His incarnation in Bethlehem. This hope is the message we still declare to the hopeless. This Christmas, we thank you for your partnership and the hope you give to our current and future students. 

The End of Year Gift Challenge has become vital to our financial year. With the 2022 End of Year Christmas Offering and other designated offerings, we were able to distribute $254,194.69 in student scholarships. 

We ask you to join this year’s End of Year Gift Challenge, designated for student scholarships and various capital improvement projects. Here is a list of the approved capital projects and student scholarships:

1. Student scholarships: $50,000

2. Completion of tennis/pickle ball court renovation: $4,500

3. New beds for residence halls: $14,000

4. Tractor with front-end loader: $25,000

5. 15 passenger van: $40,000

6. Golf netting driving range: $1,800

Please consider a generous end-of-year gift donation for Southeastern College. We now can receive your gift of highly appreciated stocks and bonds, which you can donate tax-free. Those who are 70½ and older may make a minimum distribution gift to Southeastern directly from their IRA, which will reduce their taxable income. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (321) 917-2376 (cell) or send a note to

Thanks for all you do to support Southeastern Free Will Baptist College!

Merry Christmas, 

Steve Berry