President Nate Ange

Thank you for your prayers and concern for Southeastern, our Lord’s college in Wendell, NC. Wendell is a growing and developing town, of which we, as a college family, are happy to be a part.

For the first time in our 40-year history, we are engaged in a struggle with the Town of Wendell to prevent a future road from being built which would bisect our 61-acre campus. We have secured legal help to fight this plan and to retain the use of all of our property purchased in 1987 for its intended purpose.

We know that the Lord has a perfect plan for our college and that His all-wise plan will be carried out for our mission of training our students for church-related ministries around the world.

Our Lord has protected our mission and His servants through these four decades, and He will protect and bring glory to Himself out of this present situation. It has not caught Him by surprise!

What can you do to help? Pray for divine wisdom and for more student leaders to be trained here. We have taken on some extra costs with legal fees, so if you would be led to help us financially, any amount would be appreciated.

The victory is ours in Christ!


President Nate Ange