Secondary Education

B.D.B. in Secondary Education

(Bachelor’s Degree in Bible)

Prepare yourself to teach teenagers a variety of subjects in the Christian school setting!

When you receive your Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education, you will be prepared to teach teenagers in Christian school. This degree requires you to learn a multitude of subjects, the art of teaching, and how to handle the classroom properly. The professors in this course are individuals who have years of experience in the classroom and are ready to equip you to teach the next generation!

In this degree, you can select two proficiency. The following are our proficiencies for our elementary education degree: English, Mathematics, Music, Social Studies, and Science.

Your Secondary Education Degree Will Teach You

  • To demonstrate a biblical worldview that influences education and implements the Great Commission.
  • To exercise multiple teaching methods based on grade level, content, and student needs.
  • How to demonstrate content knowledge to enable the graduate to teach the proficiency subjects.
  • To demonstrate effective classroom management skills.
  • The development of valid and reliable assessment tools.

Meet One of Your Advisors

You will have the incredible opportunity to study with experienced and educated professionals specializing in specific areas related to your degree. Your advisor will guide you on what classes to take throughout your time here at Southeastern and teach some of your courses. Dr. Moots is an admired professor who is loved by our students.

Dr. Russ Moots

Featured Courses in this Degree

BI 103- Introduction to Biblical Studies

The principles of hermeneutics are covered with emphasis given to the historical grammatical interpretation of Scripture. Attention is also given to learning how to use analytical outlines of Biblical texts. 

EN 201, 202- English Literature & American Literature

English literature is a survey of the great English writers and their greatest works. It covers the various literary periods of English literature extending from Beowolf to modern writers and connects the authors and their works to the characteristics of each literary period. American literature is a survey of the great American writers and their greatest works. It covers the various literary periods of American literature ranging from Early American Puritan to the present. The course places the authors and their works in the historical context of each literary period.

TE 302- Materials and Methods

An in-depth study of the art and techniques of teaching. Such aids as audiovisuals will be covered.

TE 306- Tests and Measurements

The study of the preparation and evaluation of tests as the measure of learning. Both standardized and teacher-prepared tests are presented.

TE 410- Counseling in Christian Schools

An introduction to the duties of the counselor in the areas of spiritual, academic, and vocational guidance. Also, various administrative duties of the Christian school counselor will be discussed.