Pastoral Theology & 


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B.D.B. in Pastoral Theology & Music

(Bachelor’s Degree in Bible)

Prepare yourself to go into local church ministry and be equipped to lead the church and the choir!

When you receive your Bachelor’s Degree in Bible with a double minor in Pastoral Theology and Music, you will be prepared to develop expository messages and plan, direct, and execute a worship service effectively.  This degree focuses on the pastoral side of ministry while allowing you to learn music theory and be ready to lead congregational music and a choir.  

Your Pastoral Theology And Music Degree Will Teach You

  • A practical knowledge of the pastoral duties and ministries of the local church.
  • A practical knowledge of the Great Commission as an evangelistic and disciple-making command from Christ.
  • Competence in a basic, overall understanding of music theory.
  • The ability to plan and lead worship services (congregation and choir).
  • The ability to communicate a philosophy of music that is biblical and sensitive to changing styles and valued traditions.

Meet Your Department Chair

You will have the incredible opportunity to study with experienced and educated professionals specializing in specific areas related to your degree. Your department chair will guide you on what classes to take throughout your time here at Southeastern and teach some of your courses. Dr. Clark is an admired professor who is loved by our students.

Dr. Austin Clark

Featured Courses in this Degree

LA 311, 312- Greek I, II

The fundamentals of New Testament Greek including vocabulary, conjugation, and some syntax. The student will be doing some translation in the book of 1 John by the end of the second semester. 

MU 201, 202- Music Theory I, II

A basic course in the fundamentals of music. Harmony, notation, rhythm, sight-singing, and analysis are included.

MU 203- Sight-Singing

Melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation; singing; recognition and writing of various intervals and triads.

MU 333- Church & School Music Administration

This course is designed to equip the student with the knowledge and practical tools to administrate a church and school music program.

PT 311, 312- Homiletics I, II

Instruction in the preperation and delivery of sermons. The second semester is spend in supervised preperation and delivery of sermons along with continued instruction in theory and methods.