Each of our students would love an “A” average, but college can be tough and not everyone is able to reach that lofty goal. However, one area on campus we have been able to accomplish a consistent grade of “A” is in the cafeteria.

Twice a year a health inspector from Wake County drops in on us to measure the temperature on our food, determine the cleanliness of our tables, check the dates on our produce and evaluate our food service department against a myriad of standards imposed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. When finished, the inspector leaves us with a paper that we are to post for all to see. On it is our grade.

We are pleased to report that our grade has consistently been an “A.” Records show that for the past 10 years we have averaged a 98.5 with one inspection earning a score of 100! Brother Mike Morris, our Food Services Director for the past 17 years said that score cost him. “I promised the kitchen staff I would take them out for a steak dinner.” His offer for that elusive, perfect score still stands.

We realize that no one attends a college because of the delicious meals they will eat in the cafeteria. It is a difficult job with few words of thanks. After all, “no one cooks like Momma.” However, we are thankful to have Brother Mike and his crew of student kitchen workers who are faithful to provide food for our students and staff, day in and day out, while running a safe and sanitary operation. Please pray for this vital ministry at Southeastern.