Singing Groups

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The 2020 Sounds of Praise Ensemble and Promotional Groups are Ready to Serve Your Church:

  • Men – Dakoda Addington (junior, OH) Andrew Jones (freshman, NC) Jonathan Cribb (junior, NC) Sergey Keptya (freshman, WA) Brad Patrick (freshman, NC)
  • Ladies – Leslie Arredondo (freshman, NC) Samantha Ringlein (junior, NC) Allison Holloman (junior, TN) Barbara Hair (junior, NC) Madison Manriquez (freshman, NC)
  • Opportunities for local churches – The ensemble members can provide not only inspirational music but they can also provide adult-focused preaching; youth-focused preaching; children’s teaching and object lessons; sanctuary song leading; small venue or outdoor song leading and many other requests.
  • Steve & Cindy Berry normally travel with the ensemble. Arron Howard, Jim Marcum, Daniel Osborne, Dann Patrick, and other staff members may be available upon request.

Sounds of Praise (Ensemble) Picture

Sounds of Victory (Choir) Picture

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