Ministry with Concentration in Business

A.D.M. in Business

(Associate Degree in Ministry)

Prepare yourself to be able to minister effectively in a church or business!

When you receive your Associate’s Degree in Ministry with a concentration in Business, you will be prepared to serve in your local church and understand how a business operates. This degree requires you to learn practical ministry procedures, basic economics, and business law. The professors in this course are individuals who have degrees and experience regarding this program.

Your Degree Will Teach You

  • A competency in basic business principles used in a ministry setting.
  • A grasp of general biblical knowledge.
  • The implementation of the Great Commission as an evangelistic and disciple-making command from Christ.
  • To demonstrate effective and professional communication skills in oral and written forms.
  • To demonstrate a working knowledge of laws that govern business practices.
  • To identify and analyze business problems and opportunities using quantitative and qualitative information to solve problems and to make sound business decisions.

Meet One of Your Advisors

You will have the incredible opportunity to study with experienced and educated professionals specializing in specific areas related to your degree. Your advisor will guide you on what classes to take throughout your time here at Southeastern and teach some of your courses. Mr. Osborne is an admired staff member who is loved by our students.

Daniel Osborne

Featured Courses in this Degree

BU 203- Business Law

This course is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the operation of our economic system; to focus on the effects of money on our economy; to understand the fluctuations of business; to provide information of economic analysis; and to trace the development of economic policies that are used to stabilize economic activity. Both micro- and macro- aspects of economic principles are studied. 

BU 207- Principles of Marketing

This course studies the marketing concept and market analysis in the American economy. Other topics include marketing strategies, market research, target markets, product placement, promotion product life cycle, and pricing.

BU 209- Finance

This course is designed to introduce the student to the foundations of the finance discipline from a practical viewpoint. Emphasis is placed on the basic knowledge, concepts, terms, and practice of financial management. 

EV 101- Personal Evangelism

An introduction to the message and means of evangelism. The student is familiarized with the doctrines of salvation and biblical methods of soul-winning. Pertinent Scripture passages are memorized to enhance one’s effectiveness in presenting the gospel. Special attention is given to the role of the Holy Spirit in salvation and evangelism.