To provide guidance for a safe response to disruptive events that impact
Southeastern Free Will Baptist College.

Emergency and continuity of operations planning is a function for Southeastern
Free Will Baptist College (SFWBC). SFWBC will mitigate the impact of operational
disruptions to its campus community by implementing policies, procedures, and
capabilities that provide continuity of operations should a catastrophic event

SFWBC utilizes highly accessible, cloud-based educational technologies such as
populi (LMS), Zoom, and Google Classroom which are cloud based to minimize the
likelihood of noticeable service interruption in the event campus facilities are not
accessible. SFWBC ensures that systems are protected from vulnerabilities, are
adequately secured, and backed up to prevent record destruction and/or data
The following SFWBC resources are intended to help mitigate the impact of a
catastrophic event on college operations:

  •  Permanent academic records are maintained to ensure the integrity,
    confidentiality and security of all documents and records created, received,
    or maintained in the course of college academic activity.
  • Through the use of cloud-based technologies, in the event SFWBC campus
    facilities are not available and or SFWBC closure, SFWBC transcripts and
    student records can be provided off-site through an agreement with the
    North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.
  • SFWBC’s Refund Policy (SFWBC catalogue) provides guidance for ensuring
    financial refunds are processed in a timely manner consistent with SFWBC
    policy and applicable federal, state and with the Transnational Association
    of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS)accreditation requirements.
  • The SFWBC Emergency plan provides emergency procedures to ensure the
    safety and protection of faculty, staff, students, and visitors. SFWBC also
    adheres to Emergency Notification Procedures.
  • Provide a reasonable instruction delivery alternative for which the students
    have paid (example: online delivery replaces in-person instruction delivery).
  • Provide assistance in the transfer of credits to other institutions or
    determine an alternate program path at SFWBC.
  • Provide a financial refund to the extent no alternative instructional delivery
    option is available.

Should a discontinuance occur, SFWBC will notify students and provide
available options including a teach-out plan.